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Our vision is to create an environment where every one of the mentioned section of the society leads a happy and capable life by providing Ashray for the incredible children and respected senior citizens and animals.


The primary goal to keep the focus on certain sections of the human and animal population was taken after realizing that these sections constituted the most vulnerable and neglected part of the society. For instance, there are hundreds of children out there on the street dying of hunger simply because they do not have anyone to look after them.

Statistically, it has been found that every 3.6 seconds a child dies due to hunger and malnourishment. To make matters worse, such children are often the targets for physical and sexual abuse leaving them with a promise of a dark and traumatizing future. Such children have been found to be working from a tender age of five to earn money for food and so they are unable to receive proper education which in the long run only hinders the progress of our nation.

Another one of the most neglected section of our society is our senior citizens, who are simply abandoned because they do not fit into the busy lives of the current working generation and hence, every kind of contact is broken with them. For this reason, many of these people lead a life of depression and loneliness. In worst cases, some of these people become helpless due to poverty and prolonged sickness and are forced to beg at such an age just for survival which is worse than demise to them.

In the case of animals, one of the most commonly exploited and then abandoned animals are cows. Even though in Hindu culture, cows are considered to be sacred and is called “Gau Mata” giving her the respect equivalent as of a mother, these animals are taken care of only till they are capable of producing milk for our own greed after which they are given away for extraction of meat and skin where they are beaten, abused and killed to extract valuable raw materials for various industries.

We at CBAF strive towards helping these lost people and animals from lives of pain, abuse, and loneliness so that they too can live a life without the feeling that nobody cares and help them through during such a dark phase of their lives. For example, “ASHRAY” funds and operates over 50 projects in India as well as throughout the world to fulfill some of the basic needs of this neglected section of the society such as free education, nutrition, and protection to poor children.