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Param Pujya krishnapriya ji

Krishnapriya ji's birth is sublime and majestic. She is meritorious since childhood. When she was 5 years old she went to banke bihari temple with her mother. She was so pleased and elated that she started crying and weeping. Unaware of the real world, she told her mother that she wants to take Lord Krishna with her. Her mother was constrained on hearing these words from her innocent daughter that was unable to explain her anything. She asked for help from a gusai standing nearby, he told little girl " This is just an idol of God meant for worshiping not meant for carrying along". But still she was murmuring same thing again and again, so her mother told lets go we'll take god along with us the next day. Next day in morning she gave her an idol of Lord Krishna she used to worship and told her to keep it with her, bathe it, drape it and take care of it. That was not just an idol to her but like essence of life. She used to call that idol Chain Bihari Lal and kept it with her always, carried it along everywhere and refused to go to any place where she couldn't take Chain Bihari Lal along. Chain Bihari lal is her best friend and support.

She has admirers across the globe. Her teachings are based on scientific facts and reality of life that are divine in itself. She has received guru diksha from Shri roop kishore dass Maharaj ji.

She recited her very first katha in the early age of 7 years in kumbh mela, Ujjain without any teachings.This is a god gift to her. Till day she has recited 388 kathas successfully all over the world. She never left her studies while worshiping God and spreading her thoughts. Presently she is persuing B.A. Arts, Final Year.


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